Heavy Duty Wood Tripod - Trimax 90560 Maximize

Heavy Duty Wood Tripod - Trimax 90560

The Tri-Max is the only surveying grade tripod with certified accuracy – highly recommended for all servo driven and robotic total stations, 3-D laser scanners or construction lasers

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The revolutionary design of this tripod series means this tripod will meet ISO standard (12858-2-H) right out of the box, and after years of field use
Features a 6-5/8-inch Flat head with large center hole (2-5/8 inch) to facilitate an easy set-up over a point
A retaining system—which prevents leg kick out and accidental falls on slick surfaces—is stored on the inside of the leg and can be left in place when the tripod is not in use
The large ‘footbed’ is there to facilitate solid planting for stability
The shape and size of the foot are designed to allow for a solid placement on any terrain
The foot is equipped with a replaceable point and a retention loop for use with a safety strap
The Tri-Max can handle equipment up to 65 lb (30 kg)
Screw/Dual Clamp Lock type
Black Hardware
Extends 91 in (2.3 m)
Fiberglass Legs
Weighs 20.00 lb (9.00 kg)